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Section: configuration file (5)
Updated: April 02007
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ezmlmwebrc - configuration file for ezmlm-web  


ezmlmwebrc contains the configuration settings necessary for ezmlm-web.

The file is required for ezmlm-web and must exist in one of the following locations:

user-specific configuration file
system-wide default configuration file
system-wide default configuration file (deprecated since v2.2)

Additionally the location of the configuration file may be overriden by the command line switch -C of ezmlm-web.cgi (1p).  


The file itself is sourced by the perl script ezmlm-web.cgi, so it is required that the file conforms to the syntax of perl scripts. See the manpage of perl (1) for details.

You should avoid to declare other variables than the settings described below. Otherwise you may run into namespace conflicts. Just don't do it.

You may rely on the existence (and meaningful content) of the following variables:

the name of the owner of the current process
the home directory of the owner of the current process


This is the directory containing the lists, that you want to manage via ezmlm-web. It will be created automatically if it does not exist yet. The value $HOME/lists should be quite reasonable.
This directory contains the language files of ezmlm-web (e.g. en.hdf). Usually this should be something like /usr/local/share/ezmlm-web/lang.
This directory contains the template files of ezmlm-web (e.g. main.cs). Usually this should be something like /usr/local/share/ezmlm-web/template.


Specify the default options used for ezmlm-make (1) when creating a new list. The default value is: aBDFGHiJkLMNOpQRSTUWx. See the manpage of ezmlm-make (1) for details.
The alias user of a qmail installation manages all mail addresses that are not handled by specific dotqmail files or other definitions. It defaults to alias.
This is the control directory of your qmail setup. It defaults to /var/qmail/control.
The directory of the dotqmail (5) files of the lists managed by ezmlm-web. It defaults to the home directory of the owner of the current process ($HOME).
This file contains the access rules for the lists managed by ezmlm-web. Read the README file of ezmlm-web for details. This setting defaults to $LISTS/webusers.
Specify the default domain name of new mailing lists. Leave it empty if you want ezmlm-web to try to detect this value automatically.
Specify the default prefix for the local part of the addresses of new mailing lists. By default it is empty ('').
Do you want to store connections between real names and mail addresses if both were provided when adding a new subscriber? This results in a file called webnames being created in every mailing list directory when necessary.
Should the upload of subscriber files be possible? The default is 1. If you consider this as a security risk, then you should set it to 0.
This setting defines, if list removal requested via the web interface should be recoverable or not. The value 1 will make ezmlm-web remove the list directory completely without any chance of recovery. The default value 0 will just move deleted lists to a safe place. Thus deletion is recoverable.
Print a reasonable name of the web interface to the left upper corner of every page. By default this string is empty.
This is the URL of the basic stylesheet file to be used by ezmlm-web. Make sure it is actually available, as the design of the web interface will suffer a lot without it.
The color scheme of the web interface is separated from the basic stylesheet. This URL should point to the location of the color scheme CSS file. Your interface will be plain black and white if the stylesheet is not available. Be aware, that some of the supplied color schemes may require additional files (images) in the same directory. Currently 'color-red-blue.css' and 'color-blue-gray.css' are available.
This array may contain hashes with the elements name and url. These links will be visible in the upper right corner of every page. Please pay attention to the syntax of perl and use the example configuration file distributed with ezmlm-web as a template. By default, this array is empty.
Specify the defaut language of the web interface. This value will be overriden when the browser requests an available language or when the user explicitly selects a different language. The default value is en.
Set the default interface template. Available values are easy, normal and expert. The default value is normal.
Exclude some list options from being displayed via the web interface. BEWARE: this does not protect the specific option from being changed. It just hides the visible interface items. Anyone can still craft a manual http request, that could change the specified options. See the list of filenames below $TEMPLATE_DIR/config_options/. The blacklist may contain any of these filenames (without '.cs' extension).
Enable support for encrypted mailing lists. Currently this feature is still considered as beta quality. User reports are warmly welcome!
This setting defines the default location of gnupg keyrings used for mailing list encryption. If the location starts with a slash ('/'), then it is considered to be an absolute path. Otherwise it is relative to the directory of the current list. For the ezmlm-gpg mailing list encryption system, the default (".gnupg") is usable.
This hash of hashes (name associated with a hash of domain specific information) can be used to define a multi-domain setup. See the example configuration file (multidomain.conf) as distributed with ezmlm-web for more details.


A minimal example configuration file:

$LIST_DIR = "$HOME_DIR/lists";
$LANGUAGE_DIR = "/usr/local/share/ezmlm-web/lang";
$TEMPLATE_DIR = "/usr/local/share/ezmlm-web/template";
Some more examples of settings:
$QMAIL_BASE = $Mail::Ezmlm::QMAIL_BASE . '/control'; $MAIL_ADDRESS_PREFIX = "lists-"; $DEFAULT_OPTIONS = "aBDFGHiJkLMNOpQRSTUWx"; $INTERFACE_OPTIONS_BLACKLIST = ('lang_select', 'mime_reject'); $HTML_TITLE = "ezmlm-web - a mailinglist administration interface"; $HTML_CSS_COMMON = "/ezmlm-web/default.css"; $HTML_CSS_COLOR = "/ezmlm-web/color-red-blue.css"; $HTML_LANGUAGE = "en"; $GPG_KEYRING_DEFAULT_LOCATION = ".gnupg";


Written by Lars Kruse  


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Copyright © 02007 Lars Kruse




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